southwest.jpgSome of the best and remotest World Heritage listed wilderness found on earth

The Southwest National Park contains some of the finest wilderness found anywhere in the world. The park is Tasmania's largest, and with wild rivers, jagged mountain ranges, button grass plains and ancient rainforest, forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Much of the park is remote and hard to reach, it offers spectacular scenery accessible by car. The northern access to the park via the Gordon River Road is one of Tassie's great drives, lined with towering myrtle, sassafras and celery top pine. Lookouts reveal the epic scale of the park's wilderness and allow encounters with local birds like scarlet and flame robins, honeyeaters, thornbills and wrens. The alternative and equally fascinating Scotts Peak Road leads to spectacular views of Mt Anne – the highest peak in the south-west.

Southwest National Park is a 3-hr drive from Hobart.

Image: Par Avion Wilderness Tours /  Credit: Alice Hansen

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