An amazing variety of wildlife

Narawntapu stretches from Greens Beach at the mouth of the Tamar River to Bakers Beach in the north-west and is one of the best places to view free-ranging wildlife in the state. Easily observed animals that come out in the evening to graze on the grasslands include Forester kangaroos, Bennetts wallabies and wombats. Listen for the growls and screeches of Tasmanian devils.

The park is also rich in Aboriginal heritage, with many shell middens and artefacts that can be seen on walking trails across the park. For the highest views of the surrounding landscape, take the long and accessible trek to Point Vision. There's also a 26 km horse riding trail, with holding yards for overnight stays.

Narawntapu National Park is around a 90-min drive from Launceston.

Image: Forester Kangaroo / Credit Keiichi Hiki

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