Great walks and waterfalls, abundant wildlife and excellent visitor facilities

Mt Field is an easy drive from Hobart has been popular with nature lovers for well over a century – not surprising given its stunning vistas, great walks, abundant wildlife and excellent visitor facilities. Russell Falls is the star attraction. It's a short, wheelchair accessible journey from the visitor centre, through enormous fern forests and some of the world's tallest trees.

Also in the park are the beautiful Lady Barron Falls and Horseshoe Falls and many more on the way to the summit of Mt Field itself.

The park offers an array of natural wonders and incredible plant diversity that increases with altitude. Some of the park's unique alpine species are found on the Pandani Grove walk around Lake Dobson, at the mountain summit.

Mt Field National Park is just over a 1-hr drive from Hobart.

Image: Russell Falls / Credit Stuart Crossett

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