tulips.jpgTulips bloom

When: Sep - Oct

Where: Wynyard and north-west coast

Tasmania offers many spectacular sights – snow-capped mountains, wild ocean cliffs, migrating whales and World Heritage listed architecture – but they all start to look a bit plain at the end of September when the tulips appear.

Tasmania's tulip season is world-renowned. In fact, these days, bulbs grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Table Cape on the north-west coast are exported to the Netherlands. The plateau, with its 180-metre sea bluff, shelters the coastal town of Wynyard, where thousands visit in late September and early October for the annual Bloomin' Tulips Festival.

October is just as spectacular down south, when the Spring Community Festival takes place in Hobart's Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Image: Table Cape Tulips /  Credit: Scott Sporleder