Leatherwood in bloomleatherwood.jpg

Where:  Across the state

When: Dec - Jan

Leatherwood is a tree species found only in the forests of western Tasmania. The tree grows as an understorey plant, ranging from 2-10 metres in height, and has small dark green glossy leaves around 2-4 cm long.

Leatherwood flowers in spring and summer. The flowers have four petals and resemble small single roses and have a strong fragrance on warmer days. Leatherwood is widespread and common in moister forests in Tasmania, occurring across the western parts of the state, from the north-west such as the Tarkine through to the Southwest Wilderness.

Leatherwood is also the single most important nectar plant for bees in Tasmania accounting for about 70 per cent of all honey produced in the state.

Image: Leatherwood flower / Credit: Sarajayne Lada