Tassie Specialist Training Modules

Thanks for showing an interest in our Tassie Specialist Program and taking the first steps to become a Tassie Specialist.

We're looking for people who care about the kinds of holidays they plan for their clients, who have a thirst for knowledge and who feel that if you put in the hard yards you should get something in return for your commitment.

In short, we're looking for committed travel trade who want to increase their understanding of Tasmania, and we’d like to reward you for making the effort.

Note: Tourism Australia also offer the Aussie Specialist Program to frontline travel agents and ITOs

Become a Tassie Specialist

Completing the Tassie Specialist online training program will help increase your yield by boosting your knowledge of Tasmania and gain a competitive edge in converting enquiries into bookings. Not only that, qualified travel trade will also be rewarded with:

  • An electronic certificate of completion sent within thirty business days of completing the training program
  • Exclusive Tassie Specialist newsletter with updates on the latest Tourism Tasmania campaigns, new products and experiences, plus marketing tools and resources to keep you up to date and at the top of your Tassie game*
  • For Australian based travel trade, the program provides the opportunity to submit an EOI to attend our Tasmanian based trade events and a personal invitation to the trade events held in mainland Australia.

Training Courses

You must successfully complete all five modules to qualify as a Tassie Specialist.

You can repeat a quiz as many times as you like until successful.

When you have successfully completed a quiz (score 10 out of 10) we'll send you a link to the next quiz for you to try when your ready.

Good luck!

Module 1: Why Tassie and how to get here

Learn about what makes Tassie so special.

Module 2: Tassie's most visited attractions

Increase your knowledge of Tassie's top ten attractions.

Module 3: Short journeys

Find out about the major regions across the state and the must do experiences in each.

Module 4: Longer journeys

This module takes you behind the scenery to explore some of our special experiences off the beaten track.

Module 5: Seasons and events

Learn about Tasmania’s seasons and what they have to offer including seasonal Tassie events and festivals to recommend to your clients.

*Contents of our newsletters may vary from edition to edition depending on in-market activity and the resources available at the time of publishing.